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College CET CODE E112

Department of Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) The objective of the undergraduate program B.E. in Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology) is to provide a student with comprehensive knowledge of microelectronics devices, VLSI circuits, and systems which is essential for the electronics chip design and manufacturing industry. The program emphasizes the key aspects of software and hardware design and development for VLSI applications. The prime focus is laid on the areas like VLSI system design, verification, Device modeling, RF circuit design, Testing and diagnosis of VLSI circuits, VLSI Signal Processing, Chip packaging, and SOC- based design and verification.

The VLSI discipline is for the design and verification of electronics systems and circuits and its applications are found in areas like signal processing, image processing, networks and communication applications, space applications, IC design, Quantum computing, etc. The program enriches the students with fundamental knowledge of electronics engineering with an additional focus on industry standard VLSI courses, which upskill their knowledge to a specialized area and helps them to start a career in the core VLSI domain.

There are numerous job opportunities for VLSI engineers in the semiconductor industry. The job opportunities include:
1. Design engineer
2. Verification engineer
3. CAD engineer
4. Application Engineer
5. Analog Circuit Designer
6. DFT Engineer
7. FPGA Verification Engineer
8. EDA Tool Validation Engineer.