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ED Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC Cell) of SKIT, Bangalore objective is to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in the budding professionals who are interested in starting their own ventures. EDC cell also motivate, support and mentor the students for identification, development and commercialization of their innovation ideas. The EDC cell of SKIT, Bangalore provides infrastructure and technical support to the students having innovative ideas to transform into new products and services for the betterment of the society, in this regard it has MOU with Karnataka Small Scale Industy Association(KASSIA), Bangalore which provides very good training to students to initiate targeted numbers of innovative student projects for new product development.


Entrepreneurship is the only venue where one pursues their view and sees the fruition of their vision. Self-employment allows persons to do their own thing, and pursue those areas that they feel passionate about. Entrepreneurs face tremendous challenges and experience incredible joys when these challenges are overcame thus students can also succeed in life as entrepreneurship as alternative career option.

As college academics motivate and train student to face university exams with confidence, there is hardly any effort in developing the skill and motivation of entrepreneurship within curriculum. To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in student, SKIT started entrepreneurship development cell in college. With the first step of action EDC cell of SKIT planned and organized “Entrepreneurship Awareness Program” on 16th may 2018 in the view of creating awareness among students about various facts of entrepreneurship while highlighting the merits of pursuing such a career option. In this regard it invited experienced experts from university Dr. Chidanada Gavimutt, Special officer, ED- Cell, VTU, Belgaum, Mr. Guruvayurappan .G, Karnataka Small Scale Industrial Association (KASSIA), Bangalore, Dr. Padmakshi, Global Stress Management Specialist, Bangalore and Mr. Sujit Lalwani, Industrial Representative from I3, Bangalore.


Inauguration Program

Honorable chief guest Dr. Chidanada Gavimutt Special officer EDC Cell, VTU, Belugam inaugurated the program and in his key note address he highlighted important of self-employment and motivation students to develop entrepreneurship attitude with ethical values.

Dr. Manjunatha .A Principal, SKIT in his presidential remarks suggested students that innovative thinking, self discipline, determination and hard work are the important characteristics required students to become young entrepreneurs, to support his view he also highlighted some real life examples of successful entrepreneurs.

HODs of all departments and students of SKIT were present for inauguration function.

1st session:

Dr. Chidanada Gavimutt in his speech motivated students to become young entrepreneurs and also highlighted the role of EDC Cell of VTU in motivating young professional to become entrepreneurs. He also gave many real life examples to develop entrepreneurial attitude by inculcating leadership qualities. He motivated students to be innovative. He said the most successful entrepreneurs are not simply the hardest working; they’re the most innovative entrepreneur’s goes hand-in-hand with innovation the ability to produce new ideas; provide better solutions; and pioneer new products. He also explained his most of innovative products in field of microbiology, environmental engineering & bio-fuels to motivate students to be innovative and to arrive with simple solutions to society and environmental problems.

2nd session:

Mr. Guruvayurappan .G, Karnataka Small Scale Industrial Association (KASSIA), Bangalore. In his speech he highlighted role of entrepreneurship in economic growth of country and also highlighted problems faced by entrepreneurs to start new venture and solutions to address them.

He suggested students to get benefited from various programs of Govt of India under ministry of industries (Like Mudra Scheme) for initial capital investment and also explained the procedure to be followed to get register startup companies.

3rd session:

Dr. Padmakshi Lokesh, Clinical, Pychologist and Global Stress management Specialist, Bangalore, She discussed about identification of idea for business and how to manage strees emotions of an Entreprenur. she discussed with students regrding stress management and she practically demonsttratted with the students how to manage stress.

4th session:

Mr. Sujit Lalwani, Industrial Representative I3, Bangalore he inspired youth towards entreprenurship and brought out the ground reality of todays system and aslso he said Time is one of the most precious treasures of life that is severely limited every day. No matter how rich you are or how wise you are, you cannot extend 24 hours by even a speck of a second. Efficiency is the only factor that can enhance your productivity in the limited amount of time that you are blessed with in a day. Communication over phone being a part of our daily process, apart from talking on phone the overhead cost of time is the tapping of numbers on the keypad or searching the name to call and sliding the finger across..

Valedictory program:

Mr. Sujith Lalwani and Dr. Chidanada Gavimutt in their speech thanked SKIT for inviting them for program, and appreciated students for their enthusiastic participation with plenty of queries about entrepreneurship.

Principal of SKIT Dr. Manjunatha .A Thanked Mr. Sujith Lalwani and Dr. Chidanada Gavimutt for motivating and guiding the students to become young entrepreneurs. He appreciated students for their enthusiastic participation and also expressed that such lot more of awareness program will be conducted from SKIT in future for benefit of students and congratulated ED-Cell Coordinator for successful conduction.

Students in their feedback expressed their happiness in attending entrepreneurship awareness Program and thanked ED cell, college and speakers for igniting the spark of entrepreneurship through to succeed in life as alternative career option.

SKIT, ED- Cell is organized “Entrepreneurship Awareness Program for Engineering Students” in association with VTU, Belgaum, for final year students of all the branches on 16/05/2018 from 9.30AM to 4.30PM.

Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Innovation as career options

The two-day’ workshop includes role plays, psychological gaming, and goal setting exercise. It helped the students better understanding of recognizing the appropriate products and items for production or various other types of self-employment setups can be facilitated with the help of these training programmes. The training also focused on teaching different techniques of performing research and surveys. - Mr.GANESH, G, GULLY STARTUP on 08/11/2022 and 09/11/2022

Start-Up Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs of SAP UNDP Project Code Unnati

A webinar on “Start-Up Challenge for Young Entrepreneurs of SAP UNDP Project Code Unnati” was done on 27/7/2022. All the participants were made aware on how to apply for various governmental schemes, loans and clarified the doubts of the participants on financial aspects of their entrepreneurial journey.

Awareness Program on Manthana

Event: Awareness Program on Manthana
Date: 18/02/2022
Resource person: Mr. Jayachandra Aradhya
To identify the skills and ideas incorporated for startup small business in the students mind and give a platform for its execution, collected innovative ideas from 2 nd year students of all the branches. Discussed innovative ideas with the students and helped them to develop an innovative project. Participants also showed interest in applying for Patent. Event Co-Ordinator: Mr. Dinesh P

Skill Development Program

Skill Development Program (Three days workshop) was organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with "INDIAN TECH KEYS" where Mr Kotresh & his team gave hands on experience about various aspects of CNC Machine Design where students were exposed to the design and building of CNC machine, its motions, software architecture, software configuration modes and conversion of text and images to the CNC Machine.

ED Cell Events