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College CET CODE E112

The economic growth of any country is directly proportional to its infrastructure development. Expansion and improvements of infrastructure facilities will give a big impetus to the growth of economy. With our beloved PM aiming at a 5 trillion economy by 2025, greater emphasis is on infrastructure development which in turn will facilitate achieving the target. At the core of infrastructure development is the role of civil engineering. Civil engineers are at the helm of affairs in nation building. We design, construct and maintain infrastructure systems like road ways, waterways, airways, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, agricultural infrastructure like dams, canal systems, urban infrastructure systems like metros, flyovers, housing, commercial and public buildings, sports complexes, etc.,

The department of civil engineering has the right eco system to churn out quality civil engineers with high employability quotient. Young motivated and passionate faculty team of the department is adopting the best academic delivery systems to enhance the learning abilities of the students. The department has a well structured civil engineering skill development program for students in all higher semesters. This program focuses on imparting practical and industry related skills to make our students employable. The dept has a well established consultancy and training center, where students will get involved in real time design of civil engineering projects, which gives them the confidence to take responsibility in the design and detailing of projects.

Qualified and skilled civil engineers have extensive opportunities to get into central and state public work depts, administrative services, central and state departments where there are constructions happening,railways, consultancy, constructions, manufacturing of civil engg construction materials, project management, higher studies, Ready Mix Concrete plants, etc.,

Choosing civil engineering as a profession makes greater sense now, which opens up tremendous potential to have a great and successful career and become a dominant partner in nation building.


To ensure quality education to bring up the technical manpower to serve the needs of society and contributing to sustainable development in the field of Civil Engineering.


To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face the future challenges.

To provide students and faculty members with opportunities to innovative disseminate knowledge.

To provide state of the art education and training to the students and to create knowledge base and consultancy services to the society.

Dr. Roopa. D

Dr. Roopa. D

Professor & Head

The department of Civil Engineering ensures that we create capable and responsible Civil Engineers who will go forward to create a safe and sustainable environment for the future to live in. With a highly committed faculty team, the students at SKIT-CIVIL are thought to learn about the various academic courses set in the curriculum with a touch of care and concern. The student will learn all the technicalities along with suitable ITC (Information Technology and communication) skills which is a necessary tool for any engineer in the present era. A balanced classroom and field learning experience will make the student understand the dynamics of the course.

The department works towards continuous development of the students by organizing guest lectures, field visits and symposiums with industry experts. Innovative project ideas are shared to students of final years to enhance their entrepreneurship capabilities. In house skill development course framed by the senior professors at the department makes them competent to face the interaction and interviews from the industry. We believe in shaping our students, to shape a sustainable world tomorrow.

Course Outcomes:

Faculties frame the Course outcome by using the four components: Action, Knowledge, Condition, benchmark and shall focus on what the student should know and realistically be able to do by the end of the course.


Choose the Action verb required for learning based on the level, this measures the student ability in demonstrating the concept which is required (Apply, Analyze, . . . .).


The Knowledge and its level required to reach/achieve the concept, some of the concepts required are specific to the domain knowledge.


what are the conditions on which the above knowledge specified is achieved / or the conditions under which the operations happen to achieve the above said knowledge.

Bench mark

To characterize the acceptability levels of performing the action. Bench mark methods are specified for the Optional element.

Programme Specific Outcomes:

Department of Civil Engineering:

Graduates will be able to:

  • PSO 1: Proficiency in Civil Engineering problem identification, formulation, analysis, design and execution.
  • PSO 2: Proficiency in Civil Engineering optimizing the cost ,time, quality, and safety using appropriate tools.
  • PSO 3: Support the society with solutions to various Civil Engineering problems focusing on sustainable development and upholding professional ethics.

Dr. Roopa.D

Designation : Professor & Head of the Department
Specialization: GIS, Remote sensing
Qualification : B.E, M.Tech., Ph.D
Experience : 5 Years
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Dr. V Harish

Designation : Professor
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Qualification : B.E, M.E., Ph.D
Experience : 30 + Years
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Dr. K. Satish

Designation : Professor
Specialization: Applied Geology
Qualification : MSc, Ph.D
Experience : 10 Years
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Mr. Shivashankar R

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Qualification : M.Tech
Experience : 5 Years
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Mrs. Ramya A V

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: Civil Engineering
Qualification : Civil (Construction Technology)
Experience : 6 Years
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Mr. Manjunath V

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: Highway Technology
Qualification : M.Tech
Experience : 1.2 Years
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Mrs. Ramya B

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: Hydraulics
Qualification : B E, M Tech
Experience : 5 years
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Mr. Mohan K T

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Qualification : M.Tech
Experience : 1.5 Years
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Mr. Vishwapavan S

Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization: AutoCAD, Revitarchitecture, Googlesketchup
Qualification : M.Tech
Experience : 1 Years
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Surveying Laboratory

Surveying Laboratory provides students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in surveying courses.

Surveying takes the foremost place in planning, designing and execution of any kind of construction work. Moreover, knowledge in surveying plays a vital role in the professional practice of civil engineers and architects. Hence, the students are introduced to a course on surveying, provided with ample time and equipment to perform the field exercises on their own.

The survey lab consists of Transit Theodolite, dumpy levels, plane tables, Surveying compass, Total station etc.,

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This lab is run in conjunction with the theory course Fluid Mechanics. It is an introductory course where flow behavior and fluid forces are studied. The goals of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object.

Applications of the control volume approach, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations are studied. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated. Experimental setups such as flow through a tube, flow over a flat plate and viscometer are made available to the students.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with the engineering behavior of subsurface materials. It includes Soil Mechanics, which is essential to identify, characterize and study the mechanics of soil/rock and Applied Soil Mechanics, which transfers the behavioral knowledge to practice. This includes investigating existing subsurface conditions and materials, determining the engineering behaviors that are important for designing the foundations.

A typical geotechnical engineering laboratory helps in identifying the engineering behavior of soil. Our Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is well-equipped with equipment’s for evaluating all engineering properties of soils including index properties, compaction characteristics, consolidation characteristics and shear strength of soils.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory is well equipped to meet the academic requirements of undergraduate program. Modern equipments are added periodically keeping abreast of latest technological advancements which in turn helps us to render assistance to the students in carrying out innovative projects and to maintain stringent quality and accuracy in our test procedures.

Digital pH meter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter, BOD Incubator, Flame Photometer, DO & TDS analyzer, Colorimeter are the major equipments of the laboratory.

Concrete and Highway Materials Testing Laboratory

The laboratory serves a wide spectrum of activities covering those related to teaching, research, development and consultancy. The primary activities include experimental studies on different types of materials which are using in concrete and testing of concrete specimens in various exposure conditions.

The laboratory is equipped with Compressive Testing Machine, a Flexural Testing Machine, an Accelerated Curing Tank, a Concrete Mixer, a Humidity Chamber, vibrating table, Mortar Mixer and other sophisticated equipments. The concrete laboratory is equipped with all the equipments required for manufacturing and testing of specimens.

Building Material Testing Laboratory

The Building Material Testing laboratory is equipped with the latest sophisticated testing equipment’s such as Digital Universal testing Machine with a capacity of 1000 KN, Torsion Testing Machine, Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines etc..

Testing and analysis on all types of Building materials, including Cement, Concrete, Aggregate, Fly-ash, Masonry, Tiles, Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Bricks, Query stones, and many more are carried out.

Engineering Geology Laboratory

The identification of different types of rock and understanding their behaviour are the major Objectives of the Geology lab.

The lab having all types of ores, minerals, rocks and topography sheets for the academic studies. Further, development of cracks, fissures in rocks, their causes and their remedies are to be learnt in this lab.

Student Placed in 2023
Sl.No USN Candidate Name Branch Company Name Designation Package
1. 1KT19CV022 Veerashekhara B CV PURAN Engineer Trainee 1.8LPA
2. 1KT20CV400 Deepak T CV PURAN Engineer Trainee 1.8LPA
3. 1KT20CV403 Mounesh CV PURAN Engineer Trainee 1.8LPA
4. 1KT20CV404 Rakesh K R CV PURAN Engineer Trainee 1.8LPA
Student Placed in 2022
Sl.No USN Candidate Name Branch Company Name Designation Package
1. 1KT18CV021 Rohan R CV Intellipaat Business Development Trainee 9.0 LPA
Student Placed in 2019
Sl.No Company Name Designation Package Branch Selected
1. X Works Software Testing 2.5 LPA CV 1
"Complex construction and challenges in their execution"

Attendees explored intricate aspects of executing challenging construction projects, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities. It motivates the aspiring engineers to embrace challenges and innovate within the construction industry.

“Composite Steel Structures Building Construction”

This Event helps students to know about the Steel structures. Possess knowledge of Steel Structures Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel structures, steel code provisions and plastic behaviour of structural steel. Understand the Concept of Bolted and Welded connections. Understand the Concept of Design of compression members, built-up columns and columns splices. Understand the Concept of Design of tension members, simple slab base and gusseted base.

One-day Workshop on Green Building and Groundwater Exploration by ERM

Event objective and outcomes: To showcase glimpses of civil engineering building using recycled building materials. Green building and (also known as green construction or sustainable building) and a practical session on groundwater exploration using ERM. Saving resources to the maximum extent (recycling), including energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, etc., during the whole life cycle of the building, protecting the environment and reducing pollution, providing people with healthy, comfortable and efficient use of space.

Complex construction and challenges in their execution

Event objective and outcomes: Attendees explored intricate aspects of executing challenging construction projects, gaining valuable insights and networking opportunities. It motivates the aspiring engineers to embrace challenges and innovate within the construction industry.

Alumni Talk on Recent trends in Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering organized an Alumni talk on Recent trends in Civil Engineering and Cost effective solution. The event was addressed by the Alumni Mr. Hanumantha T, it was held in C-001, C Block, SKIT. Students came to know about the things happening in the Industry.

Extensive survey camp-2022-23

Surveying has played an important role in human technologies, especially in construction. Without surveying, human could not acquire a lot of useful information such as distance, bearing, elevation and so on. With this useful information, strategic and planned boundaries could be build.

This survey camp is intended to provide students of 2nd year to carry out field practical engineering survey using Total Station. As per the curriculum for the students of civil engineering they were been taken to kiavara chikkabalapura district for 7 days which consisted of different projects like New tank project, old tank project, highway alignment and water supply project and town planning.

A Detailed Report of Field Visit to Composite Cost-Effective Building at Malleshwaram

Visit to a composite cost-effective building construction site. To get an understanding how the theoretical Knowledge is fitted in practice. To gain experience in building material science. Another most important thing there observed was the bricks used for construction is less in weight in which a single person can lift it easily. This weight less brick is made up of cement mixed with wood dust which gives good strength and less weight. The main reason to use this is to reduce the self weight or dead weight of the structure. The main reason for choosing this site particularly at malleshwaram was, the building under construction there is a composite (combination of steel and RCC) cost-effective building. By using composite concept, cost of the construction is reduced by 10% and time is saved by 30% compared to normal construction. Example use of steel C channels, steeled angle sections, nuts and bolts.

An Industrial visit to "Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant" at Doddabidarekallu

The Department of Civil Engineering organized a Site visit to SWM plant, the students of 4th and 6th semester were taken to the plant to get exposed to the practical knowledge of the procedure. The visit was Coordinated by Ramya A V and Vishwa Pavan S, Assistant professors, Department of Civil Engineering, SKIT. In order to get the practical knowledge about Solid waste management. Reducing the amount of materials in landfills and promoting conditions that make it possible to return to industries as raw material is one of the premises of PNRS, reducing environmental impacts and pollution risks and promoting the circular economy. Minimize the Production of Waste. Proper management practices help minimize the garbage and scraps that need handling. Nearly 120 tons of municipal waste is being converted to organic manure which is around 4mm size.

"Recent Advancements and Career Opportunities in Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Engineering Projects Management"

SKIT-CIVIL, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENTS has organized an event on Recent Advancements and Career Opportunities in Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Engineering Projects Management on Monday 16/05/2022. It was co-ordinated by Mr. Mohan K T, Asst prof. Dept of CVE, Mr. Rajesh S C, Asst prof. Dept of ME, Mr. Avinash S, Asst prof. Dept of EEE. The event was conducted in an Offline mode as per the COVID protocol at 10 AM in the Morning. Mr. Vishwa pavan S addressed the gathering and Prof. Prasad K V shared the knowledge of the Recent advancements related to Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Streams. 62 Participants in the session. The key idea was shared using PPT, related video and an audio. Mr. Vishwa Pavan S concluded the session by giving Vote of Thanks

Faculty Achievements
  • Dr. K Satish Submitted a research paper (In Springer) and attended a conference in the year 2018.
  • Rohith R Shenoy
    a. Submitted paper under the title “Effect of mass and stiffness on vertically irregular RC Structures” Volume 05, Issue 05, May 2018 IRJET
    b. Submitted paper for “Institute for exploring advances in engineering (IEAR) “related to International conference on tropical transcends in science technology and management organized by SVIT, Bengaluru.
  • Priyankashri K N Submitted paper under the title “Feasibility study of a new approach to removal of nitrates from groundwater by Biological Denitrification” vol 05, issue 12, ISSN 2349-6495 IJAERS.
  • Have an ongoing structural design consultancy project for design of a 5 lakh liters water tank.
  • Designing of STP plant for our Institute.
  • Conducting tests on mortar mix for a research work from our MOU company.
  • Conducting a continuous in house Civil Engineering Skill Development program for students free of cost in each semester for all higher semester students from this academic year.
  • Signed MOUs with three civil engineering companies for internship and research activities and one MOU with software training company.
  • Compiled a 250 page booklet titled “ Tool kit for Job seekers in Civil Engineering Profession”.
  • Published a paper in Journal of Natural Volatiles and essential oils having an H index - 3 and Q index -3
Activities planned in the Department for EVEN semester
  • Talk from an industry expert on “Cost effective solutions in construction industry”.
  • Talk on ”career opportunities for Civil Engineers” by a placement company CEO.
  • Talk from an industry expert on “ Importance of water proofing buildings”.
  • Visit to geological survey of India for 4th sem, Visit to STP plant for 6th sem, Visit to Geotechnical site for 8th sem students.
  • Visit to building construction site for 4rd sem, Visit to Geotechnical site for 6th sem, Visit to STP plant for 8th sem students.
  • Training program for public in civil construction trades like construction supervision, Masons training, Plumbing training, Electricians training and bar bending.
Students Participation in Competitons
Sl.No Name of the Activity 2021
1. Sports 8
2. Cultural 6
3. Project 18
Toppers List-2023
Toppers List Sem - 6
Sl.No Student Name USN Percentage
1. Nithish M 1KT20CV005 85
2. Ujwal Bhagat 1KT20CV009 84
3. Hasta Bhadur Shahi 1KT20CV002 82
4. Sumesh Kumar Yadav 1KT20CV008 73
Toppers List Sem - 8
Sl.No Student Name USN Percentage
1. Sumith 1KT20CV406 92
2. Nikitha Kumari shah 1KT19CV015 87
3. Binay Kumar Mandal 1KT19CV005 86
4. Sanjay S 1KT20CV405 85
Toppers List Sem - 3
Sl.No Student Name USN Percentage
1. Bablu Kumar Das 1KT21CV003 82
2. Pradeep Kumar Chudhary 1KT21CV005 78
Toppers List 2021-22
7th Semester
Sl.No Student Name USN Percentage
1. Chethan Kumar 1KT18CV006 81.50
2. Khemraj Bohara 1KT18CV010 81.50
3. Madesh Gowda 1KT18CV011 79.00
5th Semester
Sl.No Student Name USN Percentage
1. Binay Kumar Mandal 1KT19CV005 75.88
2. Sumit 1KT20CV406 71
3. Nikitha Kumari Shah 1KT19CV015 69.13