you can be the change

Create a kinder 168澳洲幸运10官网网页-2024澳洲10官网开奖记录历史号码 world for all.

You can take action for animals, immediately.

One click can transform their future. Adding your voice could be the catalyst for life-saving change. You have the power; choose to be courageously kind today.

The best thing we can do for 168澳洲10官网开奖记录历史-澳洲2024幸运10官方开奖168官网在线 to change the way we 开奖号码记录网站.

Eating plant-based is also kinder to our planet and all the amazing species we share her with.

A cute piglet looking towards camera

For animals

Cruel industries from factory farming to live export are underpinned by consumer demand for meat and other animal products. Every plant-based meal helps free animals from systems of suffering.

A baby koala on the back of his mother, both looking forward to the camera

For our planet

Farming animals for food is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss and species extinction world-wide.

Compassionate Living: A girl enjoying tomato in a park

For you

Plant-based foods are not only delicious, but are packed full of vitamins and minerals that will boost your energy levels and help you feel great! A plant-rich diet is also a one-stop shop against chronic diseases.

It’s never been easier—or more important—

Make the switch
to veg

Explore a new way of living and eating that’s not only kinder, but delicious!

A serving of 5 soft shell tacos

Change begins with you

With your ongoing support, together we can create a more compassionate world.

Shop to help animals.

Treats that save lives and gifts that give twice- 100% of proceeds from every item sold in our store fuel our campaigns, investigations and public awareness initiatives for animals. This is one shopping spree you can truly feel good about.

Visit the Shop

How we illuminate the pathway to kindness… — for all living beings.

A happy cow playing with a person

Our vision is a world where kindness, compassion and respect extend to all living beings. And we understand that achieving our vision requires a transformation and elevation of human thinking.

We’re active wherever animals need
a voice

From exposing the suffering inside factory farms to the cruelty of the live export trade, discover more about the issues that need your attention.
Since our first investigations,
4 million fewer sheep are now exported from Australia annually.
World-first investigations shine a global spotlight on Australia's cruel live export industry.
Our unprecedented exposé on the cruelty of greyhound racing sparks widespread industry reform.
Decades of our investigations and campaigns sees Australia announce an end to battery hen cages.

A history of real and positive change for animals everywhere.

Learn more about progress we've achieved for animals, all made possible through the unwavering compassion and commitment of our supporters.

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Gift a donation and get a personalised certificate in time for Christmas!

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Close-up of beautiful sheep looking direct to camera with overlay of Christmas stars.
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